My Poop on New Motherhood

My misguided views of being a new mother

I’ve got the Prozac blues August 30, 2007

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Hello and welcome to my first blog.  Like most new mothers I found caring for a helpless infant completely overwhelming.  Add to that the gray winters Oregon experiences and I was a poster child for the need to medicate suburbia.  I’m off the Prozac now and thankful that my child survived her first year.  As a matter of fact, to celebrate her first birthday my husband and I went out to dinner to congratulate ourselves that we had not killed, maimed or severely damaged her in any way.  Go Parents!  After a year you get a grasp of what motherhood is all about and you wonder why you didn’t think, do, act out on, or know the things you know now.  But then again between the crying and hysterics (I’m referring to my crying) and the roller coaster that is a newborn who has time to apply make-up much less think of insightful things to blog.  So now I think I’m witty and smart.  Or I’m at least out of that newborn fog and my self-esteem is back to normal.  I’ve created “My Poop on New Motherhood” as a forum where I can just rant about being a mother, the highs and lows, my pet peeves, and things I’ve learned along the way (like baby Benedryl doesn’t make my child sleepy when on a 5 hour flight).  I hope you enjoy my blog.  I will appologize in advance if I say something stupid or insulting as most of my “blogging” will be done after baby goes down for bedtime.