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My Child’s First Words Are Going to Be Godammit… September 19, 2007

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My child’s first words are going to be “Godammit” followed by “for fuck sakes.”  I don’t mean to swear.  It’s a bad habit that I can’t seem to break.  Like this morning.  I was trying to vacuum and the way the cord was wound it kept popping out of the socket – like 3 times.  And each time I responded with a “godammit.”  Wouldn’t you know it, my daughter (bless her little heart wanted to help mommy vacuum) was standing right there.  Then while making lunch my blessed little being decided to shake the child gate wildly while perfecting the perfect little whine.  And of course under my breath I uttered, “for fuck sakes.”  I curious, what’s your child’s first word going to be?  And I’m not talking nana, mama, dada, ball, hi, bye, binky.


2 Responses to “My Child’s First Words Are Going to Be Godammit…”

  1. Meredith Says:

    Right before my daughter was baptized and all the relatives from all over the world were coming to enjoy the festivities (NOT my idea; the hubbo’s family turns it into a festival), my 2 1/2 year old learned “Goddammit!” I was afraid he’d burst out with his loud joy during the sacred ceremony.

    He didn’t.

    But when he was five and his new baby brother was being baptized, he entertained some relatives by telling the statue of Jesus outside the church, “Hello, stinky face!”

    I’m a bad, bad mommy. But I come by it honestly. I used to think my parents’ favorite curse was all one word…


    Ah, the power!!

  2. HappyYogaMama Says:

    Lately his favorite phrase is, “oh. my. gosh/gott”. Why is his only 3 word phrase this one?? He wakes up saying it. And although it’s not a full-on swear; i feel like he might as well be saying “fuck” – which is the one I’m really afraid of him saying.

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