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hi, my name is karin and i am a procrastinator April 23, 2008

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So, to anyone who has ever visited my blog and has paid attention to dates will realize that I went for MONTHS not posting any entries.  Here’s my problem…I am a compulsive procrastinator.  I did well in school and during my “professional career” but when it comes to those projects and tasks that are of low importance, I just tend to let them go.  But I have a renewed cynicism that i crave to share with everyone.  So here’s my compromise.  I will strive to post one entry a week. 


I will start next week raving about the impossibility of loosing the dreaded “baby weight.”  And here is a list of topics that may come up in the future:

When rubber neckers cause traffic to slow to a snails pace that in turn causes my blood pressure to rise, is it ok to scream in the car when a child is strapped in the back?

Am I considered a bad parent if I momentarily loose my child in Ikea while being distracted by a really cool piece of furniture?

Speaking of Ikea, is it a reflection of my poor parenting that one of my child’s first words is Ikea and she gets excited everytime we pass a Target?

Is anyone else addicted to spider solitaire?


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