My Poop on New Motherhood

My misguided views of being a new mother

Fashion Horse February 5, 2009

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We just finished up at the gym and pulled out of the parking lot to go home. To the right of us at the light is a bridal store. Maria says to me, “Mama, when I get bigger I’m going to wear a long dress. Mama when I get bigger I’m going to wear a wedding dress. That dress right there.” I am so screwed.

I can’t keep her away from my high heeled shoes. She prefers my light pink, pointed toe heels. If those aren’t available she goes for my favorite navy blue heels. We were in Payless Shoe Store one day. While I was trying on shoes she took a particular shine to a pair of floral 3 inchers. An older gentleman and his wife came around the corner and remarked, “So that’s how you do it, you start off young.” “That’s right,” I said. I’m so screwed.

I went to Target last week. We have to call it the “The Big Red Bullseye” because Target is her favorite store. Everything to her comes from Target. But last week I bought her new clothes – 2 pant sets, 1 skirt set and 1 dress. She immediately went for the skirt. A day later she wore the dress. She hasn’t touched the pants. I’m so screwed.

I hope her boyfriends¬†have money and understanding. Otherwise, they’re so screwed.